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Content Specialist

This position includes the following roles: Marketing Writer,
Social Media Manager, Podcaster, Promotion & Training Specialist


This position includes the following roles: Marketing Writer,
Social Media Manager, Podcaster, Promotion & Training Specialist


This is not a management position.

Work Location

Your primary work location is your house. Meetings and work outside the primary work location will be required. Options (and reimbursement) for a temporary work location outside your house may be made available. Your primary work location may change.

Job Summary

Responsible for creating written content for the Go to Galilee Brand. Work with the Chief Content Officer to set quarterly marketing and promotion goals and specific deadlines. Become an expert in the Galilee Mission, Brand Voice, Adventurer Archetype, and overall goals of the company. Adopt Go to Galilee material development strategies to carry initiatives from concept to production. Write articles, company informational content, website blurbs, and social media content for a diverse Christian audience. Discern, research, and honor other organizations & ministries through language & media. Work with CCO or Designers to create social post images to go with written content, either editing templates, or working with a Designer to create custom art. You will complete a period of training, fundraising, and culture acclimation before beginning official duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Committed to seeking to live the Christian faith to the best of their abilities.

  • Will commit to living out the Go To Galilee Core Values: Honor Stories, Incarnate Beauty, Love Freely, & Thrive Courageously. See below.

  • Committed to living relationship with Christ as a fundamental and necessary element of the Christian Life, through pursuing a life of daily, growing prayer.

  • Committed to answer God’s call to deeper relationship by pursuing their own, ongoing conversion.

  • Committed to seek God’s plan for their life and to grow in the practice of ongoing discernment of that plan.


  • Be a self-starter with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Excellent computer skills including all MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

  • Be efficient with strong attention to detail

  • Have strong customer support orientation (for internal/external customers), demonstrate professional demeanor, and the ability to maintain confidential information

  • Must have strong skills in organization and planning, demonstrated ability to work independently and exercise sound judgment and problem solving


Marketing & Content

  • Analyzing consumer trends and behaviors

  • Create written content for Galilee such as press releases, print and digital media

  • Achieving timelines

  • Develop Social Media Campaigns with CCO

  • Work with designers to deliver final content to CCO for approval.

  • Write content for the brand’s marketing campaigns

  • Write content for all print and digital materials

  • Cooperate with Executive director and other copy creators to produce materials in alignment with branding

  • Write content for print material

  • Write content for Website and digital campaigns

  • Write content for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Potential to manage, write, edit and host podcasts.

Mission Support-Raising (MSR)

  • In due course, raise continuing financial support for their salary and mission needs, as appropriate.

  • Establish in-depth understanding of Galilee Mission, Core Values, & Mission Support-Raising (MSR) Principles through practice of MSR.

  • Able to complete in-house MSR Culture training.

  • Identify & Invite personal/corporate contacts to partner with the Galilee mission.

  • Willing to put others first: be concerned with others’ needs and express care through praying with them.

  • Interact socially with good emotional discipline (i.e. patient in the face of disagreement, prejudice, or uncharity). Willing to listen to a variety of perspectives with compassion and understanding for potential partners.

  • Able to travel.

  • Make phone calls and arrange meetings.

  • Speak in one-on-one or small-group meetings.

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To apply to this position, email your resume to with the Subject line "Content Specialist Application."

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