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Discipleship Missionary /
Burning Hearts Evangelist

This position includes the following roles: Witness Officer, Network Missionary, MSR Specialist


This position includes the following roles: Witness Officer, Network Missionary, MSR Specialist


This is not a management position.

Work Location

Your primary work location is your home. Meetings and work outside the primary work location, including on-site at client locations will be required. Options and reimbursement for travel and/or a temporary work location outside your home may be made available. Your primary work location may change.

Job Summary

What if your primary job was seeking the Heart of Jesus, and accompanying friends on their journey to do the same?


If accepted, you will connect with staff and committed community members at regional churches, ministries, and organizations. You will guide and support these individuals through the planting process: from Preparation, to Growth & Pruning. You will assist them as they learn to practice the Galilee model and, using Galilee, accompany them as they advance in their personal relationship with God, through prayer.


You will complete a period of training, fundraising, and culture acclimation before receiving responsibility to discern, introduce, and establish new Galilee networks with communities of youth and other organizations, as appropriate. You will work with the Executive Director to implement GTG’s Regional Network and Path Strategy, interview Galilee participants & users, and interact with Content Specialist(s) or Chief Content Officer to provide materials for media content. Other duties as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Committed to seeking to live the Christian faith, in accord with their understanding and the grace available to them, growing in knowledge, virtue, and grace.

  • Will commit to living out the Go To Galilee Core Values: Honor Stories, Incarnate Beauty, Love Freely, & Thrive Courageously. (See attachment.)

  • Committed to living relationship with Christ as a fundamental and necessary element of the Christian Life, through pursuing a life of daily, growing prayer.

  • Committed to answer God’s call to a deeper relationship by pursuing their own, ongoing conversion.

  • Committed to seek God’s plan for their life and to grow in the practice of ongoing discernment of that plan.


The ideal candidate will exhibit and have experience with the following:

  • A discerned Evangelist, Pastor/Shepherd, or Teacher charism.

  • Strong network and/or friend connections in Christian ministry in the Southwest Ohio region and/or nearby areas.

  • Be a self-starter with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Good computer skills including all MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

  • Strong social acumen, compassionate listener.

  • Comfortable with failure.

  • Able to admit mistakes, request/receive/give forgiveness in charity, address weakness/failings honestly, and seek virtue with patience.

  • Have strong customer support orientation (for internal/external customers), demonstrate professional demeanor, and the ability to maintain confidential information.

  • Exercise sound judgment and problem solving.

  • Must have strong skills in organization and planning, demonstrated ability to work independently, collaboratively, or interdependently, as necessary. Confident enough to depend on others.

Mission Support-Raising (MSR)

  • In due course, raise continuing financial support for their salary and mission needs, as appropriate.

  • Establish in-depth understanding of Galilee Mission, Core Values, & Mission Support-Raising (MSR) Principles through practice of MSR.

  • Able to complete in-house MSR Culture training.

  • Identify & Invite personal/corporate contacts to partner with the Galilee mission.

  • Willing to put others first: be concerned with others’ needs and express care through praying with them.

  • Interact socially with good emotional discipline (i.e. patient in the face of disagreement, prejudice, or uncharity). Willing to listen to a variety of perspectives with compassion and understanding for potential partners.

  • Able to travel.

  • Make phone calls and arrange meetings.

  • Speak in one-on-one or small-group meetings.

Network Responsibilities

  • Accompany clients through the Network Planting Process.

  • Practice Galilee with clients and assist in discernment of Galilee use and application.

  • Respond to client requests for information and support, in coordination with other staff.

  • Solicit client feedback at determined milestones & intervals.

  • Maintain ongoing contact with clients, throughout Network Planting Process.

  • Assist clients in identification of: new Galilee network opportunities (Path Strategy) and new Mission Partners.

  • Collaborate with other staff in discernment of mission processes and plans.

Witness Responsibilities

  • Collect & curate feedback during and after Network Planting Process. Such feedback may be verbal, written, recorded, solicited, spontaneous, or other.

  • Edit and polish text content with focus on integrity.

  • Be a good storyteller. Interface with Content team to provide personal or participant testimony for creation of media recognizing, promoting, and affirming what God is doing and blessing.

  • Interface with Galilee staff, clients, and Mission Partners to encourage through relevant and timely testimonials.

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To apply to this position, email your resume to with the Subject line "Discipleship Missionary Application."

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